The Lady 2018

The Lady, June 2018



In celebration of The Lady, who she is – love, grace, and the passion for freedom and truth that she embodies – this artwork was created to commemorate her awe-inspiring opening dance at the June, 2018 Worldwide Go Deeper Day.

A frameable Giclee  quality print on heavyweight, 100% cotton, warm white archival art paper, is available in two sizes:

• 11 x 14” art print,  $25 US plus shipping

• 11 x 14” art print,  $18.50 Europe

•  20 x 24” art print poster, $65 US plus shipping

•  20 x 24” art print poster, $48 Europe

Note: all artwork purchased in Europe will be shipped through Germany with tax and shipping costs added at time of delivery.

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