How to Share the Love (33 min)

The Beautiful Gem



Gourasana often spoke one-on-one with individuals who resided with him. In this intimate talk, Gourasana points to the common religious teachings that claim people are bad or unworthy of God’s love. He says this is not true, “. . . this is the illusion covering everybody over because everyone that has come here is like a precious gem in the eyes of God, is beautiful in the eyes of God.” Gourasana encourages people to reach out and reestablish their relationship with God saying, “He is just waiting for the day when you will come back to Him so you can continue enjoying [the] relationship with Him. He is just desperately waiting for that day.”

Included with this talk is an introduction from Ginny, Gourasana’s caretaker. Because Ginny was the original audience for this talk, her introduction gives context for a deeper understanding. 

Ginny’s introduction, 3:19 minutes; Gourasana’s talk, 18:07 minutes

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