How to Deal with the Mind in Spiritual Transformation - Package March 2013- Digital Download

How to Deal with the Mind – Advanced Intensive 2013



Kalindi La Gourasana brought forth spiritual truth, guidance, and teachings for the world. Some of Kalindi’s teachings stress the importance of controlling the rampant chatter in the mind and how the mind can block, or help, spiritual transformation. Included in the collection “How to Deal with the Mind” Kalindi offers specific practical lessons on how individuals can learn to be present, stop unproductive thinking, and use their minds for greater benefit in the material and spiritual worlds.  

Talks Included in this collection are:

  • Home Will Pull You Home (9:52)
  • Control the Mind, Senses and Sex (7:48)
  • Faith IZ (5:50)
  • Have an Open Mind (4:24)
  • Make Your Mind Your Best Friend (3:33)
  • Shut Off Your Mind (8:35)
  • Spiritual Beings and the Human Mind (4:24)
  • Stay Emptied Out (6:47)
  • Stop Illusion from Spinning in Your Mind (9:19)

This audio collection was first published as March 2013 Advanced Intensive.

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