Come to God Package #1 Digital Download

Come to God #1 -Why not choose God?



Kalindi Speaks: 


Kalindi delivered Her powerful, inspirational invitations to the public during the early years of the Mission. These “Come to God” talks introduced people to the truth, God’s love, the teachings, the Seminar and the idea that there is a way out of suffering in the material world. In these talks She often challenged people to take action in order to end their suffering. 

She opened one session saying, “‘Love, oh love, what a blessed thing.’ And who in this room isn’t looking for the love and the joy and the end of the sorrow? Not just the sorrow in your own heart, but the sorrow in the world. And peace: when will it happen? What will it feel like and what will it look like? What’s it going to take? How will it happen?”

Each unique talk in this series comes with the audio and print format of the Kalindi talk, plus The Lady’s commentary in audio and print format. 

  • Talk Dates:
  • Come to God Invitation #1, 10/7/92
  • Come to God Invitation #2, 1/6/93
  • Come to God Invitation #3 1/21/93
  • Come to God Invitation #4, 2/25/93
  • Come to God Invitation #5, 6/9/93

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