The Simple Path Series

Devotion In Relationships (22 min)



In this passionate talk, Kalindi describes how to avoid some of the pitfalls in intimate relationships. Kalindi discusses how many relationships today are rooted in expectations, exclusivity, games and manipulation. Additionally, people hang onto each other to be the source of everything, but people may have forgotten that it is God who is most important. Kalindi tells us that once two people can surrender to God, they can have the most incredible, sweet years together. When people truly devote their lives to God, they will naturally share that devotion with their intimate partners. Once people are free of Illusion, they can focus on loving and caring for their partner or friend. Kalindi says, “You can have relationship and it can be very sweet. And that’s the only way to go. Why fight? There’s no time to fight. You’re fighting because you’re not focused on God. You’re focused on trying to get something from each other. If you were focused on God, you would be in humility and you would be in humility with each other always.This talk gives valuable guidance.

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