The Simple Path Series

Doubt And Fear (20 min)



A Kalindi lecture from The Simple Path to God series. There are two areas of consciousness that everyone will go through on the Path, one is doubt and the other is fear. Don’t run away from it; embrace it as it comes up and move through it. Change itself produces fear, but if you can sit with fear and just go into it, you can move through it. When you look back you will see there was really nothing to fear anyway. If you hit places of terror it is a good idea to surround yourself with people you trust as you go through it. If it is a feeling of fear, then no matter how afraid you get you can always use a towel and scream. You will also have doubts on the Path, but do not beat yourself up about them. You will have questioning, but there is healthy questioning and there is unhealthy questioning. Healthy questioning is something that comes from your awareness. Do not let yourself get swallowed up by doubt.

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