Eternally With You

Eternally With You



Devotional Music by Rene Sala ‘Eternally With You’ is a compilation of 10 original devotional songs and chants inspired by prayers from Kalindi and The Lady. At the heart of all of the songs is the expression of the longing toward the One, toward God, into the stillness, peace and love of the Source of Everything. The CD is accompanied by a beautiful 12-page color booklet that takes you on a journey describing how the songs were created and the relationship between a disciple and her two spiritual Masters, Kalindi and The Lady.
List of songs:

    • Supreme Almighty
    • I Am Found
    • Gourasana Going Chant
    • Guide Me Lord
    • Holy God
    • Lord God Father Take Me Home
    • Eternally With You
    • Guide Me Lord Instrumental
    • Me Encuentro
    • Jai Kalindi

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