The Radical Path Home to God

Final Journey Meditation I (39 min)



This talk, originally spoken by Gourasana on August 20, 1988, is called, “Final Journey Meditation 1” because Gourasana spoke another version of this meditation on November 5, 1988, that is called “Final Journey Meditation II” (also available in this shop). We are including two versions of “Final Journey Meditation 1” – an original release of the talk that was included with the “Radical Path Home to God” series as well as a newly remastered version.

Here is how Gourasana explained (in His talk, “Time is Too Precious to Be Wasted,” September 17, 1988) the significance of this Final Journey Meditation:

The Final Meditation is significant, because when practicing this meditation with your heart, completely going into yourconsciousness, you will see what you are hanging on to.

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