The Bottom Line Series

Healthy Sexual Activity (45 min)



Kalindi speaks about God, Sex, and Love. In this talk, Kalindi covers topics such as fear, “spiritualizing” sex, celibacy, hurt, abuse, pleasure, ego, attachment and illusion, and what is healthy sexual activity. Kalindi encourages people to continue engaging in sexual activity, if that’s accurate for them, while pursuing their path to find God. She explains, “When I say just healthy sex, I mean just be a human being and have sex, because when you finally get with God and He’s the source of all of your pleasure and your sex is wide open and your passion is wide open, when you have sex, you’re a human being just engaging in sex in a very open way.” She stresses that each person’s journey will be different, but as people open more and more to God, they will be filled and won’t need another human relationship to be complete. 

Kalindi suggests you also listen to the talks, “True Self Romp” and “True Self Connections,” because in them She speaks about how one should keep things alive and moving.” 

Kalindi also candidly discusses Her own path to healthy sexual activity, breaking free of exclusivity, fear, and concepts. She talks about Her journey in Her marriage with David Swanson, the difficulties and how their sexual activity changed over time. She hopes this talk helps increase understanding and awareness about healthy sexual activity.

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