Road to Freedom - Freer and Freer

The Key To The Work (4 minutes)



In this talk Kalindi explains how to meditate going through issues to get to God. What a lot of people are doing is when they are releasing their emotions, and when they are going into just release of the emotions, people are getting stuck on the issues that are inside of the emotions, then they go off into that issue, and try to work through and work over and mull over that issue, when that was never what you are supposed to do. Kalindi teaches that you are supposed to just release the emotion and move on. You are not supposed to look at everything that you are releasing. You just release it and move. And the energy of God follows you. She explains that it is important to meditate and feel longing: Home pulling you. The longing pulling you, until again, by the end of your meditation, you are feeling God.

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