Road to Freedom - Ultimate Freedom

Transformation With Gourasana (11:00 minutes)



This talk is Kalindi’s last Mission statement talking about the purpose of the Center of The Golden One. In it she explains what someone can gain from participating and how the Mission is meant to affect the world. She says, “If someone asks me, ‘What is the future of the Miracle of Love?’ I would say, ‘the Miracle of Love is here to free; which means full state of awareness, full enlightenment, and breaking the cycle of birth and death is the express purpose. That express purpose is going to create enlightened beings that will go throughout the world bringing the Love of God throughout the world and directing people to where they can open up to the Love of God – which is the Seminars and other various activities that are offered that turn people on to the Love of God.” Kalindi explains why the Mission’s purpose is to usher in the great love of God. She explains that, “the ultimate purpose of the Incarnation is to save the human race, because the darkness has become too dark and it’s getting ready to kill itself off in many different ways. She states that the ultimate purpose of the Mission is to “bring the Love of God to the world, and the love will do everything else.”

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