The Radical Path Home to God

As You Endeavor, Simultaneously There Is A Result



Gourasana starts this talk by saying, “What We are doing here is undertaking a very serious endeavor. This endeavor is to take those on this plane of illusion, which of course means everyone here, and bring them to a state of full awareness by the time of death – so that there is no question of rebirth.” He continues to elaborate on this theme during the rest of His address, in addition to answering audience questions.

  • How can I heal that part of me that still feels inadequate, which keeps me from feeling close with God?
  • How can we recognize what our misconceptions are?
  • My close friends and family don’t understand my spiritual work, so I feel lonely. Should I share my experiences with them, or not? How do I cope? 
  • How do you operate in the business world where so many are in illusion?

Audio length: One hour, 7 minutes  Spoken on July 9, 1988

This talk is also included in The Radical Path Series and is a part of The Radical Path Home to God book.

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