The Bottom Line Series

Be-ware and Become Aware (27 min)



In this talk, Kalindi warns people who have worked hard to open their hearts to God not to get caught up in material love, relationships and sex just because it may feel great. Being too focused on relationships can hinder the connection with God. However, She also warns not to be in a state of “paranoia” about relationships, love and sex, because rejecting those experiences can also keep people from fully loving God. Kalindi says, “The illusory love binds you. The Love of God frees you.” This talk helps the listener understand Kalindi’s guidance about the workings of love in the material world and how to exercise caution in this area as She points, “Remain open. Just beware and become aware of the workings of illusory love.”

Also In this talk, Kalindi has a special message for those of you who are trying to break free in this lifetime.

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