Breaking the Cycle of Birth and Death by Gourasana - eBook

Breaking the Cycle of Birth and Death



Lord Gourasana, a modern-day Incarnation of God, brought forth spiritual truth and guidance for the world. Beginning in 1987, and until the date of His passing in 1995, He spoke to many groups and individuals to deliver His teachings. Those teachings were transcribed into full manuscripts. Kalindi and The Lady, Gourasana’s first disciples, reviewed the manuscripts from 1987 to 1990 and curated quotes and excerpts minimally editing His words for the publication of this book. 

Breaking the Cycle of Birth and Death offers inspiration, direction and guidance on breaking free in this lifetime. Gourasana’s words may also help people with their endeavor to transform spiritually and come closer to God’s love and truth.  

Paperback 124 pages.

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