Kalindi to The Lady – Letters from a Spiritual Master to Her First Disciple January – April 1996


It is an honor and privilege to share these letters that Kalindi wrote to me from January to April, 1996.
Kalindi writes intimately about Her layers of transformation into the destiny bestowed upon Her from Lord Gourasana as His Voice of God, Spiritual Master for the World.
These letters were written just ten months after the passing of Gourasana. At that time, the entire Mission and Path Home to God was solely on Kalindi’s shoulders.
I was by Her side and I had my part to do, but Kalindi had to do this part alone. She marched forward with the fire of power, strength, and conviction.
She just did it, as Gourasana told Her to do, “Just Do It.”

The Lady
June 25, 2020

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