Golden Information Series

Death, Fear, Concepts and Letting Go (29 min)



A question posed to Kalindi about what might happen if you are not thinking about God at the moment you die. Kalindi’s response was that it is not about whether you are thinking about God in the moment; it is whether or not you are immersed in God all of the time; whether or not you are filled with the presence of God already. Question: Could the nervous system take it if someone let go of everything right now? Kalindi: Yes. The body can only take so much, and when it gets too much, then you can ask for it to lighten up. Question: Is there a point where you break free and you know what it feels like? Kalindi: You will feel it and not even care about telling anyone. You will not even be consumed by it. You just know, Okay, there is further to go.

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