Road to Freedom - Freer and Freer

Everyone Must Bust Out for Come to God



Gourasana, Kalindi and The Lady came to help the people of the world find the love of God and a Path Home. Kalindi said, “The people are crying to God to find their way.” Hundreds have found Center of The Golden One (the Mission), but there are thousands more who are still searching. 

Kalindi says, “Everybody will find a way to live their life bringing the people to God in some way.” 

She reminds the people who have found the Mission that, “. . .  someone else cared enough to find you and bring you to the Seminar or the GMP Workshop. Someone cared enough about you and didn’t give up on you and brought you.”

In this talk, Kalindi is very enthusiastic and gives guidance, direction, and inspiration to support the people who are discovering their own way to carry God’s love, and His Mission, to the people of the world.

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