The Simple Path Series

Exclusivity (40 min)



In this talk, Kalindi tells why exclusivity in any relationship may be a major barrier for most people to fully know God’s love on earth. She defines exclusivity and tells us how it manifests. Kalindi states that, “. . . your partner is not yours to own. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a committed relationship, but somewhere within that commitment there needs to be the opening that frees your being . . . ” In this talk Kalindi addresses sex, multiple partners, monogamy, desire, freedom and many other topics. Kalindi says, “It’s the biggest trap on the earth that’s stopping true love and the True Selves from manifesting, and that is the trap that’s going on in ‘me and mine.’ ” Kalindi helps people understand this illusory trap and offers a better way to be in relationships.

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