Road to Freedom - Ultimate Freedom

Find Your True Existence (19 min)



Kalindi states, “the true part of you recognized eternal existence and knows it’s eternal by trust and faith. It knows it’s eternal by a knowing that it just is. It can’t explain why it knows it is. It can’t understand why it knows that it is. It just is. And in its is-ness, is the only way that it knows that it is. In that state of being-ness, that being-ness can talk from where it is, in the is-ness of it. But that knowing is what knows. The actual knowing is the only thing that knows. That existence itself is what knows that it has existence. But no other part of you is realized in existence except existence itself. Your heart feels longing, and that longing gives you a feeling of Home. It pulls you, it pulls you toward this existence. Your heart has a feeling and a pulling toward something. As you go deeper it has this feeling of Home pulling on it. As you go deeper and deeper into that feeling you can feel deep longing and love. You can experience God, the Source: something that is Divine.

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