The Bottom Line Series

Getting Free of the Illusion Around Sex (22 min)



Kalindi uses sex as an example of how people are, “hanging on to a dream. This entire material creation is a dream.” She tells the listener that, as people continue increasing their awareness and going through spiritual transformation, they automatically lose interest in the physical world, or their dream world, and this includes sex. People will choose different sexual activity levels, or no sexual activity, depending on how their spiritual path is unfolding. She cautions people about having concepts about sex and falsely detaching, “. . . this detachment from the illusion and letting go of the illusion and no longer interested in the illusion comes from true detachment. It doesn’t come from denial or repression of any activity. Everything falls away as your awareness increases.” She continues Her warning, “. . . you will repress or falsely detach from certain illusions and you’ll be doing nothing but trapping yourself further.” Therefore, Kalindi advises to let the transformation happen naturally. Once individuals are not bound by the illusion and the material world, they may choose to engage in sex to relax, be nurtured or other reasons, but that kind of sex is for an entirely different reason and it will feel different.

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