Road to Freedom - Ultimate Freedom

Give It Your Best Shot (5 minutes)



In this powerful, clear, and simple talk, Kalindi teaches you how to walk away from your illusions and walk the Path straight Home. This talk encapsulates the way of the path Home: Kalindi teaches us how to meditate, how to pray, how to see our illusions, how to follow guidance. And then encourages us to give it our best shot and let go at the soonest possible moment. And I’m telling you, don’t mess around. Don’t take ten years because if you take ten years, then it’s going to take fifteen years. Start coming now. Start letting go now. Start giving up your game with the illusion and start begging God to help you. Let go of this darkness. Don’t psychoanalyze it. See it and let it go. Then the bigger things that you need to focus on that are really binding you – those are the things that you need to focus on and hammer away at.

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