The Simple Path Series

Home Free (20 min)



A Kalindi’s lecture from The Simple Path to God series. As you break free from the illusion more and more light will become available. The ego wants to use that light to create a better life in this world. Don’t be tricked into using that love and that light for purposes of illusion or to find happiness in the illusion. Feel that light and love and share it with others, but don’t turn your focus away from going to God. When Kalindi sees people take the light and love and run off into the world to be happy she wants to say to those people, Don’t forget about God. Come through this doorway. Come all the way Home.

The happiness you feel in the moment will not last as the light and love wear away and disappear. Do not chase after the happiness or despair when it fades away. The ego has a habitual energy that sets up the tendency to want to be happy, to place happiness first, but go deeper. It is not that you cannot enjoy your life and the light you feel. Just do not use it for the ego. Instead use it to help fuel your journey Home in full union with God.

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