Golden Information Series

How to Listen, Learn and Benefit From My Tapes (45 min)



n this talk, Kalindi reinforces many of Her teachings on sex, but offers additional information not often discussed during other sessions. She tells listeners that She thinks serious seekers may get confused on the topic of sex and She wants to elaborate.

She begins the talk with general information on sex and spiritual transformation and goes on to cover: guilt, shame, repression, multiple partners, exclusivity, true selves, material sex, fantasies, and other topics. 

Kalindi covers in more depth areas that could be tricky with regards to sex. For instance, She talks about how “sexy clothing” can express the true self, as well as send material-world sex messages to others. This is what She calls, “mixed messages.” Kalindi tells listeners how they can deal with this situation in the best way. Her advice about “compartmentalizing” offers real-life solutions for issues around sex. This tape is rich with spiritual information in the sexual area. 

Kalindi hopes this talk on sex will help listeners avoid developing misunderstandings or concepts, reduce confusion and make it less likely listeners will get caught in the illusion.

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