The Bottom Line Series

Humanness (42 min)



Kalindi says, “Don’t deny your humanness” and fully embrace love, sexuality, relationships and pleasure, but know these things can both help and hinder spiritual transformation. Earthly love can be a trap that keeps people from fully knowing God and God’s love. In this recording, Kalindi discusses the difficulty of letting go of attachment, becoming aware of illusory love and learning to focus on God as the source of true love. She stresses that individuals who want to go home to God in this lifetime, or just improve their lives materially and spiritually, will all go through facing their attachment to love, sex and relationships. Kalindi is encouraging by explaining, “There is a lot of illusion entangled inside of your being in the area of love, humanly sharing love with another person. . . . And the illusion has to go, but love will remain. And the love that you find will be eternal and it will be the love of God within you.”

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