Life Everlasting (15 min)

Life Everlasting (15 min)



Kalindi states that Center of The Golden One is about embracing life to the fullest and not at all about renunciation, denial or repression. She makes the observation that many people are stuck in renunciation, denial and repression, especially in the area of sex which is a huge area people have given up on or are not doing anything about. When people avoid sex, they will not move forward and that is wasting time. Kalindi’s passionate tone of voice and desire for our freedom moves us to open up to love, sex and dating no matter what our age. She wants people to make a plan on how to open up to living life to the fullest, including sex “so that love can come into this area, and healing.” She also challenges listeners to stop wasting time, face the issues that need to be faced and not avoid this area. Kalindi says, “We are about life, constant coming alive, breaking through the illusion and ultimately leading to everlasting life . . .  living vibrant love and ecstasy.” Will you do it now?



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