Road to Freedom - Ultimate Freedom

Living In A Horseshoe (5 minutes)



In this short but intense talk, Kalindi encourages us to help each other by pointing out what we see of each other’s illusions. Kalindi asks us to live in a state of full awareness by helping each other in a compassionate way: But it’s not like you get mean with the people. You’ve got to start talking to each other. If there is some illusion that people are caught in and they’re doing something constantly, you have to simply go up to them and say, “Oh excuse me. I am glad you’re here tonight so I can see you. I needed to just talk to you for a quick minute,” and then just say what you see in a polite, loving way. In this way you can just live in helping each other. That must happen. Horseshoes are a term to describe when people sit in chairs, sometimes arranged in a horseshoe shape, in order to share with each other.

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