Road to Freedom - Ultimate Freedom

Aren’t You Tired? (7 minutes)



Kalindi speaks to those who are searching for God and calls people to come to God in this simple, easy-to-relate-to talk. Kalindi talks about how difficult it is to just live in this world: The struggle for survival weighs so heavy and there’s no solace. There’s nowhere to go. There’s nowhere to turn. There’s no one to help. There’s no one to ask. The lack of love is so great as the hatred in this world grows day by day.  Then Kalindi describes the transformation as the journey of the heart through the pain of it all, and invites everyone to take that great leap of consciousness of that journey. God is here. And He has come with a great amount of love and a great amount of energy and power to help in this world  –  to help those who will transform and bring His love into this world, who will transform and embark upon the great leap in consciousness that mankind is ready to take: leap of consciousness to the awareness of God. To the love of God. To going Home to God. And for those ready – Home to God. Home, in your heart. Home to God – to where you’ve come from: A great leap in consciousness.

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