Road to Freedom - Freer and Freer

My Name Is Kalindi (16 minutes)



In this passionate talk spoken for people who want to find their way Home, Kalindi invites anyone who is searching for the Source or truth, or feels they are done with material existence, or are longing, to come to her. This is a great talk to learn how to speak about the express purpose of this Mission, and to be inspired to talk about Kalindi and who she is. That’s why I am here: to help those people that have had it. That are done. That are finished with learning anything or that has to do with this material plane of duality and separation and suffering, and are ready to come back to the Source, to come back to where they came from. That they’re just finished with this place in every way. Kalindi fully encourages anyone to find what they are looking for with God: Everything that you want, everything that you hope for with God and with enlightenment or full awareness or spiritual freedom, everything that you want: all of the longing in your heart, all of the anguish that you have inside of you, all of the hatred, all of the anger with God, with releasing all of this illusion, you can become free of this illusory suffering. You can come into the light. You can learn. Your spiritual self can wake up, and you can learn what is going on in this material world where there is practically no hope at all.

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