Life Everlasting (15 min)

Practice the Presence of the Lord



“Practice the Presence of the Lord” is a two-part guided meditation led by Kalindi, originally spoken on October 2, 2007. Kalindi designed this meditation for you to do on your own in your bedroom or other meditation space in your home.

In the first part, Kalindi guides you into doing a “pre-meditation” on your own to shake off issues and feelings associated with normal day-to-day happenings in order to arrive at a calm state and to be ready for deeper meditation. She suggests you take 15-20 minutes on your own to do this.

The second part of the meditation, about 90 minutes long, begins once you are calm. Kalindi, simply and powerfully, with great gentleness, directs you into the loving arms of God, the Father, Almighty Supreme.

The music during the second part of the meditation is original music by Deb Musgrave.

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