The Simple Path Series

Relationship And Sex (38 min)



The truth is, there is nothing wrong with being involved in a relationship and having sex while on a spiritual path. Kalindi says, “In the past there was a need for serious spiritual seekers in some of the past paths to enlightenment to practice celibacy, no relationship.” Now, Kalindi teaches that is no longer the case because, Due to the special assistance and power that’s coming in right now, there’s plenty of life force and energy coming directly in, being infused in by God, that is carrying with it this sexual energy, which is life force directly from the Source.” Relationship and sex is an individual choice, depending on what is accurate for the person. However, Kalindi talks about how relationships and sex are all a part of the Illusion, and a trap. People have a longing and they think that the love they find in a relationship will satisfy their longing, but it never does. In this recording She explains why and offers an alternative way to find love, be in a relationship, enjoy sex, feel more fulfilled and have a better connection with God. 



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