Seven Essential Qualities for Spiritual Success- Paperback Book

Seven Essential Qualities for Spiritual Success Compilation of talks



Kalindi teaches the seven essential qualities needed for spiritual success in 19 recordings. These qualities are: Desire, Trust and Faith, Courage, Determination, Humility, Inner Strength, and the Ability to Be in Action.

Kalindi explains how people can develop these qualities through specific spiritual practices that can be incorporated into everyday life. She also explains how these teachings help to raise a person’s consciousness while approaching life from a spiritual perspective.

The Seven Essential Qualities for Spiritual Success is available in paperback and audio talks compiled for the book. 

This compilation Includes the following talks.
Achieving A State Of Full Awareness
Break Out, Break Free
Desire Is Everything
Doubt And Fear
Freer And Freer Each Day
Go To Sleep In Prayer
God’s Longing
How to Receive The Guidance Of A Master
It’s Solely Up To You
Living In God Consciousness
Never Give Up
No Escaping Reality
One Truth – Desire Is Everything
Spiritual Ego And The Enlightenment Dream
Suicide Is Not An Escape
The Longing Is the Love
Transformation And Care Of The Body
Trust And Faith

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