Road to Freedom - Ultimate Freedom

That is Compassion (5 minutes)



This talk addresses how to truly have real compassion for all people and especially for people who are in the hard parts of their spiritual transformation. Kalindi pleads with us to not judge each other: I need to teach you guys more and more about this deep transformation work. But first we have to get to this level of stop judging everybody.  Be kind to everybody all of the time, and accept other people’s darkness. She reminds us. ‘You may not like it, but it is not them. It is the illusion. We have just got to all become very, very patient and just somehow be with each other. She wants us to be able to help each other and be able to pray: I want to help this person. I don’t want to go bashing away at illusions. This person is having a hard enough time working on whatever is going on. It is like, whatever is inside of their self, like a volcano, I want to go give love. I don’t want to go give more trouble and pain; I want to go give love, so you need to see.

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