The Illusion, What Is It - Free Booklet Download

The Illusion, What Is It – Free Booklet



Gourasana says, “The illusion is an incredibly vast and powerful force that has the controlling hand in what goes on in this earth. It is a sinister force.” Most religions of the world have names for this force like Maya or the Devil. It is the purpose of the illusion to see that you do not get to the light. That is the nature of the darkness. It is a power, it is a force, and it is working against you. The illusion will only work against you when you let it, and you can only let it when you are unaware. So become aware of the illusion.

This booklet is intended to help people become aware of the illusion, learn how it causes suffering and ultimately, through Gourasana’s words, learn a way out of the illusion. 

54 pages.

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