The Bottom Line Series

The Trap of Illusory Love (28 min)



Love on the material plane of existence is nothing compared to God’s love. Kalindi tells the listening audience that, “One of the biggest weapons that the illusion has up its sleeve is to try to seduce you with a facade of a love that feels so real that you could just follow that love and become completely lost.” She explains that the more open a person is, the more vulnerable to falling for love with another person in the material world they are. Kalindi explains details of how the illusion traps a person in illusory love. She uses a colorful metaphor of a “Christmas package” to illustrate Her points. She advises people to continue opening, enjoying sex and relationships and connecting with others, but at the same time not to turn away from God. This talk contains specific advice about what a couple can do, including making action plans, to break free of the entanglement of attachments.

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