The Simple Path Series

True Self Connections (26 min)



Kalindi says, “The degree of freedom and love that wants to manifest is beyond anything that has ever come into this world before.”  The true self wants to come through and become free, including becoming sexually free. Kalindi states, “Your true selves will push through all of your sexual repression” so it’s extremely important that everyone be aware of how to manage the love and sexual feelings that emerge. In this talk, She asks people to take seriously the idea that, when this part of the true self emerges, they don’t confuse it with illusory sexual desire.

Her talk covers how people should strive to go deeper, not engage in sexual activity in that moment of opening up and saving sexual activity for a more accurate time for the individuals involved. She provides guidance about how people can help each other to keep going deeper into a true self manifestation “without it turning into some sexual material orgy on this plane of illusion.”



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