The Bottom Line Series

Unhinge Sexual Pleasure From Your True Self Connection (28 min)



Kalindi offers guidance to help people understand the difference between sexual pleasure in the material world and the sexual energy one feels inside the body that comes from God and the true self. She wants people to understand that guilt and shame will go away as people connect to God and their true selves; they will finally feel “okay” about having sex. She stresses how wonderful material sex can feel as people open more and more to God. At the same time, people can think that great material sex is because of God. She cautions that people should not cross over the two in their minds, “You can’t get rid of the Love of God that you feel in yourself when you’re making love to someone, but you’re feeling the love of God in yourself because of your connection to God, not because of another person.” Kalindi’s specific guidance can help people whether they are currently involved in sexual activity or not.



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