Road to Freedom - Ultimate Freedom

Walk Away From The Illusion (12 min)



Kalindi states, “People have to walk away from all of the illusion and fun in the illusion is a total distraction from their depth in God  complete distraction.You don’t want to break your focus. You are so focused within that you just can’t stand to even get out of it and go do the kinds of things fro fun in the illusion. If you are serious, you will be pulled within by God. It is not even a giving up to follow the pull. It is just like you can’t come out of depth. Once you are with God all the way, then whatever you want to do you can do, but it is with God. Look at the dancing that is there with God. Look at that incredible ecstasy of dancing. It is incredible. It is exquisite. It is beyond comprehension. It is so incredible and it is just happening inside of you. If you want to have some fun, if you want to have some laughter, if you want to have some of these things that you think are so great, just get with God and then you will see how great it all is. It is love and ecstasy beyond your comprehension all of the time.”

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