Road to Freedom - Freer and Freer

We Are Imperfect People (14 minutes)



In this talk Kalindi addresses concepts about what holy people or spiritual Masters  are and are not. All the concepts have to get blown out the window because different movements of religion or religious organizations usually they a certain kind of garb that they wear. I am talking about the religious people in the organizations. They wear robes. They wear white robes. They wear hats. They wear beads. They wear rosaries. That gives you a feeling of some kind of holy person, when you see that. When they dress like that, they also put on a little bit of an act because people look at them and regard them as holy, and so they play the role. She also talks about how holy people are regarded as flawless and that this is true for every single one of those Masters that you have worshiped and put your head on their feet, and all of that: they, myself included, are all imperfect people. We are all imperfect people because we are people, human beings. We just happen to have the full presence of the Lord. We are like a complete open vessel for the Lord to use and pass through for whatever purpose the Lord desires.

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