The Radical Path Home to God

What Sacrifice Will You Make?



Gourasana discusses giving money in exchange for attending meditations and lectures. He explains it is the consciousness of giving that matters. Compensation is like energy. “The ones who say they truly appreciate but they will not give: they do not appreciate. . . . It is not because you have given, and then I have given you a blessing, that you have more awareness. You do not buy your way into heaven, as they say.” Giving is a reflection of our consciousness in the light. We receive the light as a manifestation of our consciousness. 

Gourasana also teaches  about the true meaning of being on a serious path. He speaks of David Swanson, and what he gave, so that Gourasana could manifest in the material world. Gourasana spoke about David, “He has told Me whatever it is I desire, I may do it. So if each and every time I come through, it is shortening the life of his body, he is saying that is all right. What sacrifice will you make for the light?” 

Audio length: 34 minutes. Recorded March 13, 1988

This talk is also included in the Radical Path Series and is part of The Radical Path Home to God book.

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