Road to Freedom - Freer and Freer

Come Find God (6 minutes)



Kalindi calls people to “Come find God” by asking them what is missing in their life and telling them that an Incarnation came to this earth to help them find it. The help can begin to be accessed by coming to the Love’s Awakening Seminar. Kalindi introduces the Incarnation: And it’s time for the world to hear this. And I am dead serious about what I’m going to say to you: God has come once again, just like He has in the past, but He has come in this current age with the words of help for mankind that need to be here and be heard today. He is bringing so much help. And I’m speaking of the Almighty Father. He is bringing so much help for people to heal, and that healing must start to happen around the world. It doesn’t matter what your religion is. You maintain your religion that is fine; but the healing and the brotherhood that must start in this world is critical.

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