Gourasana Lecture Series

Endeavor Is Necessary (1 hr 32 min)



Gourasana states, “It is the hardest thing to do to break free from the cycle of birth and death, but it is also the greatest goal.” He points out that the reality is is that very few break free from this place. When you want it to end and want to leave, then you need assistance to have the way shown. In spite of all the love and light that does exist in this place, it is basically a place of darkness and illusion. The real light, real truth and real love are very rare in this place. Standing between you and the Truth is a vast number of obstacles and they are all on your side. Nobody breaks free by accident or by just doing whatever in hope that somehow or other they will get free. In order to get free it takes a very specific endeavor. It is a step to just admit that you do in fact need guidance.

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