Freedom Walk Handbook and Application

Freedom Walk Handbook and Application



Center of The Golden One offers an effective modern-day spiritual path of growing God Consciousness called Freedom Walk – Path of Transformation®, a path that is completely rooted in and permeated with the teachings of the Founders of Center of The Golden One, Gourasana, Kalindi, and The Lady. Each founder has gifted the world with exceptionally powerful, practical, simple, wise, and life-altering truth, which have resulted in the teachings, tools, programs, and assistance offered on Freedom Walk.

The Handbook is a resource that gives background information on the Center, its Founders, and the guidance for Freedom Walk. It covers the main spiritual teachings and practices and support available on Freedom Walk. The Handbook also discusses prerequisites and criteria people need to apply to the Freedom Walk Path.  People interested in seeking a deeper spiritual practice, or for those who may be curious about Freedom Walk, this Freedom Walk Handbook and Application is a good place to start.

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