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The Break Free Message Book



Kalindi said, “Breaking free refers to breaking free from the binding force of illusion, which is anything and everything that causes one to be or feel separate from God, self, and others.” While Kalindi created this book for those wanting to break the cycle of birth and death in this lifetime, it will benefit all who are searching for a deeper connection with God. She stressed that people serious about their spiritual search must take action and seek guidance. 

In The Break-Free Message Kalindi offered 37 transcribed talks, organized into themed lessons. Kalindi also included teachings from Gourasana and The Lady. She used personal examples about Her own transformation offering step-by-step and practical guidance. The themes are:

  • Let Go of Your Ego
  • Surrender to Meditating
  • Give Up Your Issues
  • Path of Let Go, Give Up, Surrender
  • Live Your Life as God Would Have It
  • It’s God That Is Happening

The Break-Free Message is available in paperback, 243 pages

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