Road to Freedom - Freer and Freer

Freer and Freer and Closer and Closer Everyday (3 minutes)



In this talk, Kalindi explains what the title means in terms of transformation. I want to make something clear, and that is that freer and freer and closer and closer means freer and freer of the illusion and closer and closer to God. It doesn’t mean freer and freer so you can have a better illusion. She makes it abundantly clear that “freer and freer” means freer and freer from the illusion, not freer and freer like some freer and freer enlightened being that is running around in the forest in some kind of ecstasy. It is freer and freer and freer of the illusion, and then deeper and then closer and closer to God  resulting in more seriousness, which then results in more prayer.

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