The Bottom Line Series

Human Desire



Humans have the desire for love, care, sex, and intimacy, but Kalindi tells us that all of these desires can be fulfilled within by God. Once a person is immersed in God, God becomes the source of true pleasure and fulfillment. Kalindi advises that the work needed for this transformation can be difficult at times, but, “The need that comes from neediness or attachment and the exclusivity will fall away. You’ll find completion in God and in that completion you can share and receive great human loving exchanges.” She explains, “You’ll come to know the difference through direct experience of the love of God within versus the love you share with another through a healed and open-hearted state of being.” Kalindi also covers why some people can’t find the relationship they want, yet others easily find opportunities for relationships. She also discusses exclusivity, detachment, expectations and ultimate freedom.

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