Road to Freedom - Freer and Freer

Love And Care For The People (7 min)



Kalindi asks her disciples if they can come to the next level of love and care for God, for people that they are responsible for in their coming closer and closer and closer to God? These people are just beginners. Do you remember when you were beginners, how I held you so close and how I have never stopped holding you so close? This is the way God wants it to be. He wants that kind of love and that kind of care to go on. As you begin to come into your relationship with God, to allow him to do the loving through you, He’s just asking you to follow the example of those that have gone before you and try to understand, “Oh, my God, so much love. Lord, please fill me with that love so that I can be a vessel to help the ones that you are giving me to care for, so that they may make it.” I am asking you to please give it your best shot until the day you die. Please start now. Watch over what is going on with the people and how everything can be made better and better.

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