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See The Being Of Illusion From The Vision Of Your True Self (16 min)



Kalindi informs us that, “You are not that being of illusion. You are not that personality. You are not who you think you are. You are working so many years. You are coming into so much of the love of God, but you are dragging your being of illusion with you. If you insist on hanging on to who you think you are, you will only just be achieving more light and more love. Basically you are not getting very far if you are looking in the terms of breaking free  enlightenment, full enlightenment. When you work on yourself, you are not necessarily seeing the being of illusion. You are more like working on yourself  you are working on the being of illusion instead of seeing the being of illusion with your true self, with the vision of your true self. Get some distance from the being of illusion and watch it like a movie. And say, Look at what that being of illusion is doing now. Now it is getting me to feel unworthy. Now it is getting me to feel judgments. Now it is getting me to feel needy. Now it is getting me like this. Now it is getting me like that. Instead of being inside of it and feeling, “I feel needy. I feel unworthy. I feel this. I feel that.” No. That is being sucked into it like it is a vacuum, and it sucks you in and makes you feel all of that. Now you have to get out of it and get some distance from it until you can see, “Wow, look at it go. Look at the being of illusion go and it’s all illusion.”

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