Road to Freedom - Ultimate Freedom

The Truth Is Here (7 min)



Kalindi states, “The truth is here, the truth that will set you free. This has got to be known, what is really going on here, and it needs to be said in all kinds of different ways because this is such a dense place of illusion and it is so hard to get the pure light in here. What this Mission has done is different than any other mission on the earth right now. Is the pure 100 percent truth is happening here in the Miracle of Love at this time. And there are two very great masters that have never been alive like this ever on this earth in the Western world.This needs to be said very powerfully. And it can just simply be said, They studied with an Incarnation of God, a current-day Incarnation of God, Lord Gourasana. They were disciples of His, and He is responsible for their awakenings. Period.”

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