Road to Freedom - Freer and Freer

There Is A God (9 min)



Kalindi makes two points. This place is a place of suffering, and God’s world is a place of ecstasy and love. There is no suffering where God is. For those people that want to go Home to God, back to God’s Kingdom, then they will work very, very intensely spiritually in this lifetime in order to make it Home back to God, back to Source, all the way Home, no rebirth. That is possible now for those that want to go Home. No more rebirth. The other thing is there are so many people that are not going to go Home in this lifetime. They will go Home in another lifetime. The responsibility of those people that are going to stay on this earth and return for more lifetimes, but those peoples responsibility is to find God in their soul  the Father  and start to listen to Him, and be guided by Him, and help to bring the love of God into this godforsaken place.

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